Author’s Note on Satoshi


May 16, 2017

This author knows little about the history of Satoshi Nakamoto or the technical aspects of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Having become a crypto enthusiast in late 2014, i still have only a vague idea of what a hash is because i’m not a technically-oriented person; i’m a person of the arts.
    From the reading that i did of Satoshi’s known history, i got the impression that he was interested in creating a currency for the people and by the people for the purpose of the separation of money and state more than he was interested in personal gain. In the following series there will never be a firm scenario as to what happened to him or her. Indeed, his fictional demise is only referred to in uncertain ways, and this author wishes for nothing but the best of privacy, wellbeing, and longevity for Satoshi wherever he might be.