Synopsis & Info

A Butt-kicking Crypto Thriller Series is Soon to Come ...

An uncrackable laptop — evidence in an unsolved 2011 New York kidnapping — is checked out of NYPD evidence storage by a dirty detective who Calvin, our NYPD ex-cop sailor, has been trying to nail for years. Alerted by his off-and-on lover, ex-fiancé, NYPD Homicide Detective, Brittany, Calvin rushes off to New York leaving Crypto Lady in Georgetown in the hopes of exposing the dirty cop’s ties to the crooked NYDFS Financial Director. Upon obtaining a copy of the tech lab’s recent first-time cracking of the laptop, there’s hints of Satoshi ownership. The computer had been almost new and little was on it other than a will made out to a three-year-old girl who went missing in Brooklyn — Morning, who is to become Morgan, the daring aerial construction worker who Jane the Jack, the local shock jock goes after because of an aerial incident. As Jane broadcasts directives for her serial killer — Jane’s Killer — to get Morgan, will Calvin and Britt find her in time to save her? And is she Satoshi’s daughter?

“Tracking Satoshi’s Killer” is an eight-hundred-page thriller saga series consisting of three parts, which are: Book One – “Jane’s Killer,” Book Two – “Extracting Allie,” and Book Three – “Waiting with Whitaker.”

Announcements on this website, Twitter, and your favorite crypto forums will soon be posted giving more info and a schedule for the postings of the weekly eight-to-twelve-page episodes. Donations are needed to keep this project going to completion, so if you are enjoying the story, it would be helpful for you to make a bitcoin or cryptocoin donation.

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